Prachtige Wezens (Beautiful Creatures in Dutch) is a spoken word album by poet and artist Ozan Aydogan. I created the music for three pieces on the album (Kelly, Jongen aan de Afgrond and Prachtige Wezens). Ozan’s stories are based on his own experiences being a second generation immigrant in the Netherlands. The other musical compositions on the album are created by his brother, Serhat Aydogan. We play and sing on the record ourselves, together with Alper Kekec on percussion and Emrah Oguztürk on all flutes.

Oorlogsparadijs is a Balkonscène of the Fonds Podiumkunsten. On May 4th 2021 Maarten Kulk, Roos Dros and I performed it in Het Glazen Huis in Den Burg on Texel.

De Schilder en de Vogel (the painter and the bird in Dutch) is a musical play for children which I created together with musician Bilyana Grudanksa.

With MINSTRELS Ozan Aydogan and me combine spoken word, music and rap. The piece Sta op (Arise in Dutch) was written for the 2020 Spoken Word Sessions of Dutch broadcasting company HUMAN.

From 2015 to 2019 I was a member of the Ricciotti Ensemble, playing double bass and bass guitar. For the ensemble I made an arrangement of Katy Perry’s I kissed a Girl for their Color’s tour.

During my period as a member of the jongNBE I created several arrangements for the ensemble, including one of Snarky Puppy’s piece Atchafalaya.

Bottasso De Boer is the duo project I have with accordeon virtuoso and composer Simone Bottasso. Our compositions are a melting pot of folk, classical and electronic music.

For All the Queen’s Men I wrote Guacamole. If you ever wondered how to make this delicious dish, just listen to the song.

Between 2011 and 2014 I composed music for three music theatre plays of Artiance Centre for the Arts Alkmaar. Wees Altijd Dronken, about dug and alcohol abuse, was the final one.